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Anaheim Pest Control

Anaheim is a wonderful place to live. The weather here is beautiful year-round and there is plenty of fun to be had including Disneyland right in our backyard. On the other hand, living in Anaheim also comes with its own set of pest control challenges. With warm weather comes pests such as rodents, ants, roaches and more that can invade your home or business. That’s why it’s important to hire a local and reliable Anaheim pest control company that can protect your property from infestations. At Epic Pest management in Anaheim, we provide comprehensive solutions for all of your pest control needs. We have experienced technicians, advanced technologies, and eco-friendly products, we are committed to keeping your property pest-free. If you live in Anaheim and need help dealing with pests in or around your home or business, give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide the protection you need.

Pest Control

Pest Control is not a one size fits all service. First, we will do a thorough inspection to identify the current issue. Next, we will create a specific treatment for you home and the type of pest that you have. Then, we will perform a preventive treatment to make sure the initial issue never returns.

Bedbug Elimination

Bedbugs are one of the most difficult bugs to deal with as a home owner. They will suck the blood from your kids, animals and yourself. They multiply quickly and can become an infestation within just days. Our top quality service is guaranteed to eliminate your bedbug issue so you can get back to sleeping comfortably again.

Rodent Service

When treating for rodents, we have a systematic approach that works against the rodents biology. We understand their eating habits, sleeping habits and their daily routines. By knowing this we can precisely eliminate rodents from your home and your environment. Many customers have enjoyed our guaranteed results.

Mosquito Prevention

Our In-2-care system is a revolutionary mosquito prevention system that uses a combination of physical and chemical principles to reduce the risk of mosquitoes breeding at your home. The system uses strategically placed water collection units to capture rainwater. These units are coated with a thin layer of oil that acts as a barrier to mosquito eggs and larvae, preventing them from hatching. Additionally, the system also uses an environmentally friendly larvicide which is released into the water collection units in order to further reduce mosquito populations. The In-2-care system is effective at reducing mosquito numbers in residential areas, providing protection for you and your family. Check out the video that demonstrates how our system works at keeping your home Mosquito free!

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“We have been using Epic Pest Management for years and are very satisfied with their services. Everyone at Epic is friendly and professional. They have taken care of many types of pests for me including ants, wasps, spiders and more. I appreciate how thorough they are too. I seriously hate spiders, so they will spray inside the house as well as outside. Highly recommend!”

Cortney Overson

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